‘Artificial Intelligence: Regulation and Utilisation – Rights and Responsibilities’ | Fabrizio Sanna at the conference organised by Fondazione Forense Bolognese

Fabrizio Sanna attended the conference ‘Artificial Intelligence: Regulation and Use – Rights and Responsibilities’, organised by the Fondazione Forense Bolognese on 13 May.

🇪🇺 The event compared the new EU, Italian, German, UK and US regulations on artificial intelligence.

🇮🇹 Speaking about the Italian regulation, Fabrizio talked about the following:

  • Rights (and possible remuneration) of owners of material used for machine learning operations
  • Rights of data subjects whose personal data is used for machine learning operations
  • Rights to material generated by AI
  • Compliance obligations for developers, distributors and users of AI systems
  • Safeguards for users of AI-generated content
  • Safeguards for other categories of subjects

Thanks to the Fondazione Forense Bolognese and to all the participants who attended the meeting.