In a world where everything seems to be more complex, we at OOAA want our people to feel protected and welcomed in their many facets and differences.

The complexity of life and the diversity of personalities is a value to be defended and supported in our practice.

Average age of partner: 52

Total average age: 36

Continuing education

Smart Working

Organising internal events

Ongoing mentoring

Direct access to clients

Opportunity to work in different market sectors

Strong international vocation

Comfortability in the workplace

Our reasons

The courage to push the boundaries is what drives us every day to take on the boldest challenges. Passion and dedication are the key to our success.

Domenico Colella

Attracting talent is our ambition, building departments that are team players is our reality.

Valeria Mazzoletti

Creativity in finding unpredictable solutions to the most complex legal issues is the hallmark of OOAA.

Matteo Orsingher

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