INDUSTRY, MEDIA | AGCOM on the Piracy Shield platform

On 5 December 2023, the Italian media regulator (“AGCOM”) issued Resolution No. 321/23/CONS defining the technical and operational requirements for the functioning of the Piracy Shield platform (the “Platform”). The Resolution implemented Law No. 93 of 14 July 2023, which required AGCOM to call for a working group of interested stakeholders in order to define the technicalities of the Platform aimed at contrasting the unlawful broadcasting of live events. The Platform will operate on a machine-to-machine system, by receiving reports of illicit content from copyright owners and by sending a take-down request to all relevant accredited ISPs. The ISPs will have to take down the reported content within 30 minutes from the notification, by disabling the DNS resolution of the domain name or by other appropriate technical measures. The ISPs that participated in the AGCOM working group will have to get accredited to the Platform by 31 January 2024.

Newsletter n. 92 – January 2024