Newsletter n. 90 – November 2023



Data Governance Act

On 24 September 2023, the Data Governance Act (“DGA”) entered into effect in the European Union. The DGA, approved on 30 May 2022, introduces rules on the reuse of data in a trustworthy environment, on the assumption that enhancements in the circulation of data will be beneficial for the EU’s economy. The DGA aims to ensure such circulation without impairing the level of protection of citizens’ fundamental rights. Notably, the DGA establishes (a) mechanisms to facilitate the reuse of certain public sector data that cannot be made available as open data (e.g., health data); (b) measures to ensure that data intermediaries will act as trustworthy organisers of data sharing or pooling; (c) measures to make it easier for citizens and businesses to make their data available for the benefit of society (known as “data altruism”). Regarding data intermediaries, under the DGA there is an interim period, until 24 September 2025, to comply with specific norms.