Team/Francesca Pulejo

Francesca Pulejo  graduated cum laude from the L.U.I.S.S. University Guido Carli of Rome. In 2001, after a period of practice at the firm of Prof. Avv. Floriano d’Alessandro, she joined Verusio e Cosmelli in Rome. As from January 2020, she joined Orsingher Ortu – Avvocati Associati. She has a significant experience in contentious matters, assisting primary Italian and multinational companies as well as foreign institutions in civil, commercial and labour disputes and arbitrations. She was admitted to the Bar in 2001. She speaks English fluently.



Our firm’s specialist labour law and industrial relations practice assists Italian and international clients in both contentious and non-contentious matters. Our client base of leading domestic and multinational corporates covers a broad range of sectors, including banking & finance, fashion, digital & media, telecommunications, marketing & advertising, travel & leisure, healthcare, food & drink, and industrial manufacturing. [open_background background_title="Areas of activity" background_sub_title="Our principal areas of expertise, on which we give a broad range of advice and assistance, include:"][/open_background] [text_boxed_cento text_content="The various phases (including engagement, carrying on and termination) of the employment relationship (in particular for senior management), as well as relationships with directors, consultants and agents"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Advice on the labour aspects of corporate transactions (mergers, acquisitions, asset and business transfers) and managing any related redundancies in the context of the prescribed trade union procedures"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Corporate reorganisations, lay-offs and collective redundancies"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Drafting and negotiation of non-compete agreements, no poaching obligations, guaranteed-duration clauses, confidentiality undertakings and secondment agreements (both domestic and international)"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Negotiation and drafting of company policies and internal rules (including in relation to the use of IT systems and welfare benefits) and collective bargaining agreements"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="The remuneration of key executives in regulated sectors (including listed companies, banks and insurance companies)"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Drafting and negotiating incentive plans (for rewards in cash bonuses and securities) and"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Assistance in the context of dispute resolution relating to all of the matters above"][/text_boxed_cento] [close_background][/close_background]


Litigation and ADR

We have extensive experience in corporate and commercial litigation, particularly in matters raising issues of civil, company, commercial, banking, financial and insolvency laws, as well as disputes in relation to product liability. We assist major Italian and international clients in out of court settlements, legal proceedings before the Italian Courts and in the context of mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution. Our client base of leading Italian and international corporates covers a broad range of sectors, including banking & finance, fashion, telecommunications & technology, digital & media, marketing and advertising, travel & leisure, healthcare, food, industrial manufacturing and telecommunications. In the area of corporate law, we are also active in assisting key leading individuals who (resulting from their office) are involved in complex legal proceedings, e.g. CEOs, CFOs, executives, statutory auditors, and managing directors). [open_background background_title="Areas of practice" background_sub_title="Our litigators have developed broad and specific expertise and provide legal advice and assistance in a wide range of proceedings, in particular in disputes in the following areas: "][/open_background] [text_boxed_cento text_content="commercial contracts, including sale and supply agreements, distribution contracts and business promotion agreements (license, sale agency and franchising), building and sub-contracts, lease and lend agreements, joint ventures and other cooperative structures, assignments and transfers of businesses and going concerns;"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="fiduciary mandates and trusts (with a focus on execution of deeds of trust and asset distributions), as well as the laws of inheritance;"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="disputes in a corporate context, including challenges to ordinary and extraordinary resolutions of board and shareholder meetings, actions for corporate liability, proceedings alleging the abuse of a dominant position by majority shareholders to the detriment of the minority shareholders, as well as a variety of other disputes among shareholders or between the shareholders and the company, including in relation to share transactions, mergers and acquisitions and other transactions outside the ordinary course;"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="investment services (junk bonds, equity investments, customer portfolio management, derivatives, transaction and execution of investment and divestment transactions, on line trading and placement of financial instruments), policies insurance policies and financial instruments (unit and index linked), false prospectus liability, financial leasing, provision of banking services, usury, compound interest and other cases of applying passive interest, offences committed by members of the sales network (financial promoters, agents and brokers);"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="bankruptcy, composition with creditors, restructuring, compulsory liquidation and other insolvency procedures (including claw-back actions, compensation, restitution), voluntary arrangements with creditors, debts restructuring agreements;"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="arbitration proceedings and ADR, whether as counsel or arbitrators/panellists, and whether in ad hoc arbitration or in proceedings before Italian and international arbitration chambers (including the ICC);"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="assistance in proceedings involving liability for products in the relevant sector, including production of industrial, medicinal, and food and beverage products, as well as assisting the client with product recall and/or repair."][/text_boxed_cento] [close_background][/close_background]