Team/Elisabetta Pistis

Elisabetta Pistis graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome in 2000 with a thesis in administrative law, where she also took a Masters Degree in the organisation and functioning of public administration, directed by Prof. Sabino Cassese. She completed her professional training and began practising as a qualified lawyer at the firm of Prof. Caravita di Toritto. In 2005 she joined the firm of Prof. Guarino and became a partner in 2010. The main focus of Elisabetta’s practice is administrative law in the areas of public contracts, public utilities, energy and transport, state companies, environment and commerce. She also has significant experience in contentious matters, particularly in administrative law disputes in relation to public procurement. Elisabetta is a board member of ATM S.p.A., and a statutory auditor of Ombrone S.p.A. and Berg. S.p.A (members of the ACEA Group) since 2017. Elisabetta joined Orsingher Ortu – Avvocati Associati in 2020. She qualified as a lawyer in 2004 and, since 2016 has rights of appearance before the Supreme Court.


Administrative and Regulatory Law

We specialise in the areas of administrative law, competition and anti-trust, privacy and data protection, telecommunications and regulated markets, advising domestic and international clients on relevant non-contentious matters and dealing with regulatory authorities, in addition to the relevant jurisdictions of the administrative courts, the regional administrative tribunal (TAR) and the State Council. Our clients include leading Italian and multinational corporates which carry out business in a wide variety of industrial and service businesses, including in the sectors of energy, oil & gas, banking and finance, fashion, digital & media, marketing and advertising, industrial manufacturing and telecommunications. [open_background background_title="Areas of activity" background_sub_title="Our Administrative and Regulatory Law practice has developed a number of specific areas of focus, and offers advice and assistance primarily in the following areas:"][/open_background] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Administrative law proceedings before the TAR and the State Council, including in the sectors of public contracts (works, services and supply), public services, transport, electronic communications and competition, commerce, energy, public utility services, transport, works of art and culture, environment and refuse, environment and refuse, building and urban planning, universities and teaching"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Assistance and advice on contentious and non-contentious matters in the telecommunications market"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Assistance and advice on taking part in tenders for public works and services"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Assistance and advice in relation to the organisation and functioning of the public administration and of management of public sector companies"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Non-contentious advice on matters of anti-trust, privacy and data protection and regulated markets, including the provision of internal strategies and policies in relation to privacy and data protection, anti-trust compliance and consumer law compliance, including related activities of audit and training"][/text_boxed_cento] [text_boxed_cento text_content="Assistance in relation to notifications and administrative law proceedings involving sanctions imposed by the Privacy Regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority and to the European Commission (DG COMP)"][/text_boxed_cento] [close_background][/close_background]