OOAA and parenting support: new facilities for new fathers

Almost a year after receiving its gender equality certification, OOAA is taking another important step by introducing facilities for new fathers in the company to encourage the active and equal participation of both parents:

  • ten days of leave with 100% compensation
  • the possibility of working flexibly during the month following the birth or adoption of a child

At the instigation of the young fathers in the study, we imagined that true gender equality will exist when a mother can fully re-enter the world of work without hindrance and when a father can take the time to be with his family. Sharing parenting from the very beginning helps everyone: fathers, sons and daughters, mothers. This perspective has guided our decision to implement policies that actively support new fathers, recognising their essential role in family and professional life.

Through these initiatives, we aim to ensure that new fathers feel supported in balancing their work responsibilities with their role as a parent. This not only helps improve the quality of life for our employees, but also fosters a workplace culture based on empathy, collaboration and mutual respect. We believe that investing in policies for new fathers is not only a step in the right direction to promote diversity and inclusion, but also an investment in the well-being of our families and our learning community as a whole.


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