INDUSTRY, MEDIA | AGCOM on accessibility to the automatic numbering system of DTT channels

On 6 December 2023, the Italian media regulator (“AGCOM”) issued Resolution No. 294/23/CONS, whose Annex A contains the Regulation on accessibility to the automatic numbering system of digital terrestrial television (“DTT”) channels (the “Regulation”). The aim of the Regulation, which will enter into force in mid-2025, is to address the issue of the prominence of DTT channels, by requiring, inter alia, all user interface managers and manufacturers of devices suitable for receiving DTT signals to assign the numbering of channels in accordance with the provisions of the automatic numbering plans for DTT channels issued by AGCOM. Furthermore, in order to enhance accessibility, all devices suitable for DTT will have to come with at least one remote control equipped with a numeric keypad, and each additional remote control will have to include a button to allow the user to access the selection of DTT sources.

Newsletter n. 92 -January 2024