INDUSTRIES, TECHNOLOGY | EU to Amend the eIDAS Regulation

On 29 February 2024, the European Parliament approved the draft reform of EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature (eIDAS). The most significant innovation in the eIDAS reform concerns the introduction of a so-called European Digital Identity Wallet (Wallet).  The Wallet consists of a form of electronic identification that allows users to securely store, manage and validate data for several purposes. The Wallet may be used to benefit from public services, open a bank account, file tax returns, enrol in a university, even in another member state, rent a car or check in to a hotel. The Wallet will also allow users, in a simple, transparent and traceable manner, to (a) access a record of all transactions made through the Wallet, (b) view an up-to-date list of the contracting parties and all data exchanged, and (c) easily request the counterparty to delete personal data. The eIDAS reform will now be submitted to the Council for approval, expected in March. Publication in the Official Journal of the EU will likely occur in April, with the text coming into force between April and May 2024.

Newsletter n. 94 – March 2024