INDUSTRIES, TECHNOLOGY | EU Court of Justice: no more cloud for ”judicial” artificial intelligence systems

The EU Court of Justice (ECJ) adopted the “Artificial Intelligence Strategy“, integrating AI systems into both administrative and judicial internal processes. The adoption of such technology does not come without risks. One of the main risks associated with the adoption of A.I. technology is the possibility that involuntary biases may be introduced during the training of A.I. models, resulting in unintentional discrimination. Another risk pertains to the potential disclosure of sensitive data when using algorithms in the cloud. Additionally, there is concern regarding the generation of false, inaccurate, or irrelevant information by generative A.I. algorithms. One of the important mitigation strategies is to adopt an appropriate governance model. The proposal is to create an A.I. Management Board which will support the ECJ in this process, via a “risk-based” approach. This Board will define the “red lines” (the areas in which this technology should not be used due to the high risk), the “yellow lines” (the areas of special attention), and the “green lines” (the areas that present a low risk). This approach avoids the use of cloud technologies for any solution adopted in the judicial field: all solutions must be installed and used on-premise. For public information the cloud can be used with appropriate controls.

Newsletter n. 94 – March 2024