INDUSTRIES, MEDIA | Italian Media Regulator launches public consultation on age verification measures to be adopted by operators of websites and platforms

On 6 March 2024, the Italian Media Regulator (“AGCOM”) issued Resolution No. 61/24/CONS, whereby it launched a public consultation for the approval of a final decision setting out technical age verification measures to be implemented by operators of websites and video-sharing platforms disseminating pornographic content (see Annex B of Resolution No. 61/24/CONS). Although the final decision will specifically target this type of operators and content (see our Newsletter No. 93 – February 2024), in the public consultation AGCOM will also assess whether the age verification measures set out in Annex B of Resolution No. 61/24/CONS are suitable to be applied to additional types of content that may potentially be harmful for minors. Considering that the current Italian and EU legal frameworks set out age verification obligations targeting many types of websites and platforms (and not just pornographic), a wide range of stakeholders may be interested in participating in this consultation.

Newsletter n. 95 – April 2024