CAPITAL MARKETS | Rules of the Markets and related Instructions updated

On 30 January 2024, Borsa Italiana issued its Notice No. 3896 informing the market of the amendments to (a) certain provisions of Section 2.2 of the Rules of the Markets managed and organized by Borsa Italiana (the Rules) and (b) Section IA.1.1 of the instructions to the Rules (the Instructions), concerning the opinion issued by auditors when preparing pro-forma financial information in the context of issuers’ admission to listing, in order to reflect the evolutions and changes made to the contents of the auditor’s declaration over time. According to Notice No. 5067 issued by Borsa Italiana on 7 February 2024, such amendments are also extended to the MOT[1] market application templates and tables relating to bond instruments (provided under the Instructions), as well as to the tables relating to warrants and instruments listed on Euronext MIV Milan[2], where compatible.

Newsletter n. 94 – March 2024



[1] MOT – Mercato Obbligazionario Telematico – is the sole Italian regulated bond market.  The relevant applicable regulation is provided under the Rules and the Instructions.

[2] Euronext MIV Milan – Market for Investment Vehicles – is the regulated market managed by Borsa Italiana for the listing of vehicles that invest in the real economy, mainly closed-end Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), the relevant applicable regulation is provided under the Rules and the  Instructions.